Corporate Info

Suzubun began in 1937.

We are Supplier of Today our Components a nationally metal snow guard prodact Supplier.

The Suzubun way

We will contribute to society and our environment as a creative company.

very one of us is an integral part of the Suzubun DNA and will make decisions with great
consideration to our actions to better our society and will practice our belief on a daily basis.Together with people who support Suzubun, we will deliver happiness to everyone acro the globe.


・We will not engage in products that are harmful to society and environment but will create products that are safe.
・We will educate our employees the awareness to cultivate our next generation
・We will always challenge developing new technology and products to add further value

Corporate History

1937   Entrusted by respectable members of Sanjyo City, Fumiharu Suzuki founded Suzubun Manufacturing in sanjyo,

     Niigata Prefecture of Japan and began Production of toys, hatchets,can openers and hinges among other metal products.

1950   Began manufacturing haken(spikes) and clampers for mountain climbing.

1963   Began manufacturing nail down type metal snow guards.

1965   Developed bolting method metal snow guard A type for batten seam roofs and was awarded East Japan Invention Aard.      Developed snow  guards for      standing seam and laterally laid roofs and branded it as ‘‘Snow Stop’’and began sales.

1975   Suzubun became incorporated company

1982   Junichi Suzuki assumed the CEO position

1984   Factory relocated to Tsukanome, Sanjyo City

2006   Hajime Suzuki assumed the CEO position

Company information

Company    Suzubun Co.Ltd.

CEO       Hajime Suzuki

Location    [HQ & Factory]
5-3-6 Tsukanome,Sanjyo City, Niigata Pref.
Postal code:955-0055

Founded     1975

Business Details

Manufacture and sales of metal snow guards and fittings for buildings